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Under C-SPAN's copyright policy a license is generally not required to post a recording of C-SPAN's video coverage of federal government events online for non-commercial purposes so long as C-SPAN is attributed as the source of the video. However, simultaneous streaming or retransmission of the C-SPAN networks' video coverage of any event not in the public domain, live or recorded, may not be posted under any circumstances without a license.

Keeping a C-SPAN logo on the screen during the non-commercial use constitutes sufficient attribution under this policy.

Federal government events include:

  • Congressional committee hearings
  • Executive agency hearings
  • Events at the White House
  • Congressional and Presidential Commissions

Video coverage of the debates originating from the chambers of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate is in the public domain and as such, may be used without restriction or attribution.

C-SPAN does NOT permit unlicensed commercial use of any of its video programming (including coverage of federal government events) whether or not C-SPAN is attributed as the source of the video. Under this policy a license is required to use C-SPAN video for:

  • Documentaries, films or television programs
  • Distribution by broadcast, cable or satellite
  • Corporate, trade or professional use.
  • Compilation DVDs and the like.
  • Any use that relies substantially on C-SPAN video to generate revenue.
  • Any other use that C-SPAN believes enhances the value of an organization or entity.

If you require a license and your use is permitted, please continue.